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About us

Nowadays Paella, aside from being a pivotal driving force for the gastronomic tradition of the Community of Valencia, has become an attractive worldwide brand that on many occasions is misinterpreted. Wikipaella is the ordered response on the part of citizens to redress this imbalance between what is believed and what is genuinely true. A source of knowledge and acknowledgement regarding authentic Paella recipes, contributed to by everyone.

Wikipaella is a non-profit making association geared towards cultural dissemination, composed of a wide-range of people from all backgrounds, public and private sector bodies. It represents a tool capable of defining, encouraging and defending the classic rice dishes of the Community of Valencia, within and outside its boundaries. This initiative, hitherto unheard of in its genre, that seeks out the broadcasting of a fundamental part of Spain’s cultural heritage.

Specifically, Wikipaella is specialised in the development of pedagogical and general interest actions in the restaurateur and gastronomic spheres. It highlights those restaurateurs who uphold the gastronomic traditions and values of the Community of Valencia throughout the world.

Here you can download the Association’s statutes to view in greater detail the body’s founding documentation


The project’s fundamental aims, backbone and culture can be seen in its independence, along with its unifying, horizontal and participative nature.

1. Unifying: the citizens of Alicante, Castellon and Valencia have their own finely honed ideas of what authentic Paella truly means. This concept is interpreted differently depending on the region of the Community of Valencia in which the dish is . In Wikipaella there is room for all versions of authentic Paella, as there is not a sole Paella, rather there are so many recipes passed down from our forefathers.

2. Horizontal: there are not first-class or second-class Paellas, all of them represent equally the gastronomic tradition of the Community of Valencia. Our greatest wealth stems from the different and unique nuances that each district adds to Paella, as well as the ingredients each individual chef incorporates from the produce of their regions in the Community of Valencia, have a place on this platform.

3. Participative: as the name itself would suggest, Wikipaella is a “wiki” project and only has true worth through user participation. Therefore, the generation of the most suitable channels so that each user may feel part of Wikipaella, is one of the project’s cornerstones.

4. Independence: Wikipaella has no commitments with political institutions, universities, companies or any other body. This furnishes the project with enviable freedom. Solely Wikipaella user criteria forms the project’s focus. Although it is true that there is also the figure of Friends of Wikipaella, companies and bodies with a likeminded ethos who foster the project and collaborate in the same. However, every Friend of Wikipaella understands, shares and respects this grounding principle of independence, meaning that their contributions do not alter, under any circumstances, the project’s autonomy and neutrality.


1. Knowledge. Transference of knowledge on Paellas and classic rice dishes from the Community of Valencia as part of our cultural heritage. Delving deeper into the knowledge of their history, their healthy and nutritional qualities, their preparation and the different ways they can be enjoyed on a sensorial, organoleptic and aesthetic level.

2. Acknowledgement. Showcasing those establishments that handle rice and their authentic Paella recipes with respect, professionalism and loving care. Thus, creating greater recognition and circulation of related information as to make rice culture and living and open cultural expression.